So Tired


So Tired
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Today I feel so tired,
in spirit I feel low,
I long to have some energy,
to just get up and go.
To make it worse, the sky is grey,
I think it soon will rain,
I struggled to put washing out,
now I must bring it in again.
I feel so very tired,
this illness makes me so,
It takes away my energy,
so I cant get up and go.

Yet through the window I can see,
many birds, and hear their song,
no matter what the weather,
they sing the whole day long.
So even though I am tired,
my energy all gone,
I can sit here by the window,
and listen to their song.

I will thank God for my hearing,
I will thank Him I can see,
Thank Him for the birds that sing,
and bring much joy to me.
So even though still tired,
I am no longer feeling blue,
the birds have made me smile again,
now the sun is breaking through.


I wrote this several years ago whem my M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
was very bad and I found it hard even walking round the house.




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