Sometimes And Right Now!


Sometimes And Right Now!
By Rita Broden

Sometimes we crawl
Sometimes we walk
Sometimes we even run
But no matter what the pace
Beside us is God’s Son.

Sometimes we fear
Sometimes we doubt
Sometimes we’re not so bold
But if we’ll just reach out our hand
Our hand the Lord will hold.

Sometimes it’s gray
Sometimes it’s black
Sometimes it’s blacker still
But despite the darkness
Keep pressing on within God’s will.

Sometimes we’re up
Sometimes we’re down
Sometimes we’re very steady
But armed with our God’s mighty sword
We can always stand at ready.

Right now we’re flesh
Right now we’re bone
Right now we’re mortal as can be
But within the spiritual realm
We’ll live eternally!’

Right now He lives!
Right now He loves!
Right now He truly cares!
And right now He is working out
The answers to your prayers!

Right now give thanks!
Right now rejoice!
Right now give shouts of praise!
We KNOW the blessed Savior!
Upon His face one day we’ll gaze!




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