Spiritual Recession


Spiritual Recession
By Tom D Blakely

Some of us have hid our treasure
Buried safely out of sight.
Jesus can reclaim it later
Count it up and check it’s right.

He might say, ‘A poor investment’
But recession is to blame.
Greed is rampant, interest’s lacking
Investing is a dangerous game.

There are none who want our treasure
Which is Jesus Christ the Lord.
All prefer to live in darkness
In this sinful, selfish world.

‘Worthless servants!’ Jesus warns us
‘Do not hide the gift I’ve given.
You are sinners, just as they are
But by grace you were redeemed.

Share my treasure, gain a profit
Heavenly riches you will earn.
Anyone who hides my treasure
Will lose all that they were given!’


‘His master replied, You wicked, lazy servant!’
[From the parable of the talents: Matthew 25:14-30]



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