Square Peg In A Round Hole


Square Peg In A Round Hole
By Christine Hare Tate

The bible said we’re peculiar…
I’m a square peg in a round hole,
Since pursuing old ambitions
No longer is my goal.

It’s not that I’ve succeeded
To change so drastically,
It has been the Lord’s work
Taking shape inside of me!

He’s removing all the things
I held in high regard,
But now can walk away
From and easily discard.

The world is growing dimmer
As God’s Kingdom takes first place;
I finally understand what it
Will take to win this race!

Only Christ can take the credit
For the purpose He began,
And the arduous work it takes
To conform me to His plan!

Tho I’ve a long way to go,
I don’t look to yesterday;
There’s much more for God to
deal with, in my heart today!

As the will of God progresses,
With the Apostle Paul I agree,
It is no longer I who live
But Christ who lives in me…




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