By W A Zamorano

When the fullness of time had come
God announced the birth of His Son
Sending the angel to appear
Telling the shepherds, do not fear

I bring glad tidings of great Joy
There is born to you this day
A little babe lying a manger
Who is Christ the Savior

Suddenly there was a multitude
of the heavenly host saying
Glory to God in the highest
Peace on earth
Good will toward all men

All this occurred
In a town called Bethlehem
Two-thousand years
Have passed since then

As Suddenly as the angel came
The birth of Jesus to proclaim
Announcing a time of God’s Grace
A time for men to call on His Name
And be gloriously saved

Just that Suddenly
The angel will appear again
Only God the Father knows when
All we know it will be sooon
Any morning, night or noon

When we will hear the archangel cry
And we will see Jesus Christ
Appearing in the clouds on high

And in the twinkling of the eye
All who belong to Him
Will be changed and caught up
With the Lord together in the sky

There will be no time
To say your good bye
All who are not saved
Will be left behind

Hurry, make up your mind
Give your life to Christ
And receive eternal life
And when He suddenly
Appears on high
You will not be surprised.




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