Take Note!


Take Note!
By Tom D Blakely

When the Bible becomes sidelined as just part of the Christian faith,
And ultimate church authority cannot on this book be based – take note.

When central themes are being ignored in the interests of unity,
Like sin and hell, the blood of Christ, or a simple faith that sets us free – take note.

When we hear only a social gospel designed to promote church growth,
And strangers flock to this popular church that’s reinvented itself – take note.

When prophecy is neglected or interpreted as if in the past,
And the Lord’s return in judgement is never preached about – take note.

When feelings become all-important, sights and sounds, take precedence,
Dark-age relics adorn the church, icons, candles, aids to faith – take note.

When terms like Protestant disappear as Catholic we become,
And the Reformation was wrong but from mistakes we all must learn – take note.

When the gospel truths have been removed and we put our trust in a man,
Who claims to have God’s right to rule, and all around say Amen – it’s too late!




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