Thank You Lord


Thank You Lord
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Thank you Lord for bringing me
to this Yorkshire countryside,
For the beauty all around me
and many friends beside.

Thank you Lord for being there
when I have been alone,
Thank you that you stay with me,
with you I feel at home.

You have guided me throughout my life,
been there both night and day,
so as I face uncertainty,
beside me You will stay.

Yes the future is uncertain,
yet it holds for me no fear,
For I feel your presence with me,
I know that you are here.

Whatever now I have to face,
as this cancer takes a hold
I can face whatever comes my way,
whatever I am told.

Because of your great love for me
which you have shown quite clear,
Whatever now the future holds,
I have no need to fear.

Yes I thank you Lord for bringing me,
to this Yorkshire countryside,
But most of all I thank you,
for being by my side.

Wherever I have wandered,
each place has been a home,
Because Lord You have been there,
I have never been alone.

I have known your love throughout my life,
You have never left my side,
So whether I face life or death,
I will with you abide.



Two years after moving to this lovely part of England I was found to have cancer.
But I am also still here by the grace of God. In God I put my trust.



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