Thank You, Lord


Thank You, Lord
By Cinda M Carter

Thank you, Lord…
For the promises in Your Word.
Thank you, Lord,
For the Son of God whom we adore.

Thank You…
For all that is good and pure.
Thank You,
Are mere words that are expressed so, true.

Let us acknowledge our love to You at all times…
By praising You in the name of Jesus til His light does shine.
He is as the beacon in the light house that shines the way.
Guiding us through the storms of life through each new day.

How else may we show our thanks to You, Lord…
By sharing Your love one for another in one accord.
Praying is one of God’s blessings that can only be used to communicate.
With God who listens to our prayers for His Name’s sake.

He gives us trials and tribulation…
We his people are His creation.
He knows what is best for us.
For He has one purpose in mind, to draw us to the love of Jesus.

How else can I express my love to You…
Than to say thank you Lord for the trials too.
They are for our own benefit,
God weeds out the self life in the mist.

In the mist of His love for us…
We become like Jesus.
Thank you, Lord,
With You as our guide it helps us to withstand life’s storms.

What More…
Than to thank you, Lord.




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