Thank You Lord


Thank You Lord
By Frederick Blanchard

Thank you Lord for calling out my name,
Hear, see and feel Lord, my acclaim,
For before time began you had plans for me,
And from my sin you graciously set me free.

For the beauty of this new and glorious day,
Its colorful displays and the donkeys that bray,
Reminding me of the one of which you rode,
And the joyful praises on Jerusalem’s road.

Today’s turmoil, is the god of people’s choice,
I have peace in You my Lord, for that I rejoice,
Financial towers of arrogance I see crumble,
Showing me that I need to be honestly humble.

Thank you Lord for the gift of love we share,
For the fragrance of flowers floating in the air,
Thank you Lord, for opening the door to prayer,
And for the cross that you Lord, had to bear.




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