By Lucia K Haase

Thankful little birds sing joyously
for the feed set out beneath the tree.
Thankful little birds flit to and fro;
water in the birdbath seems to glow.
Thankful little birds begin to soar
up into the sky near Heaven’s door.
Thankful I am Lord, just to be here,
growing as a Christian, year to year.
Thankful I am for the manna Word;
blessed I am Lord, singing as the birds.
Soaring in your presence every day,
thankful I am Lord, you show the way.


‘Let us come before Him with thanksgiving,
and extol Him with music and song.’
[Psalm 95:2]

‘Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom
that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful
and so worship God with reverence and awe.’
[Hebrews 12:28]



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