The Ants


The Ants
By Tom D Blakely

I was in prayer recently when I received some light:
I pictured the earth from far away, as if from a satellite.
A small sphere… gradually getting bigger as I zoomed in
Cloudy continents, then countries gradually were appearing.

Then cities, and millions of people, like little armies of ants
All preoccupied with themselves, doing greedy selfish acts.
They were all too busy to care about their creator God.
I thought how insignificant they were, and felt really mad.

Who did they think they were! Useless troublesome ants!
I could flick a finger in the sea and drown the little brats?
Building ant hills everywhere, making a mess of the world.
They’re lucky I’m not God because I would stamp them out!

How could God be bothered with them, disgusting tiny pests?
He patiently watches over them, and they couldn’t care less.
These creatures rebelled against God at the beginning of time!
But God didn’t say: ‘Goodbye. You are no longer mine’.

For that isn’t how God works; He keeps giving them a chance
To stop rebelling and return to Him in genuine repentance.
In the course of time some did that, and God rewarded their faith
By making a sovereign covenant with a promise of eternal life.

Instead of punishing them for sin, God punished someone else
Now all these guilty ants need do is accept God’s Gift by faith.

~ ~ ~

At this point I zoomed in completely and landed on the floor. . .
I realised I’d condemned myself, for how could God do more?
God sent His Son into the world to take my punishment
Jesus died that I might live and still I wasn’t content!

Forgive me Lord, my prayers I know, start and end with ‘me’
So unlike Your love for us, and death at Calvary.
Thank You for your great, great love that saved a pest like me
For drawing me to Yourself and giving me light to see.

The cost of my rebellious life against my creator God
By the blood of His spotless Son could only be repaid.
Unlike this sin-cursed world, heaven is holy, pure, unspoiled
But due to contamination, without Christ we would never see it.

~ ~ ~

Lord forgive me my selfish prayers, and thank You for the vision
I pray for mercy on us ants; knowing judgment is Your decision.




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