The Battle Of Jericho


The Battle Of Jericho
By W A Zamorano

When Moses died
God made Joshua the guide
Of all the children of Israel
Each and every tribe.

God said to Joshua be strong
Be courageous and be brave
You do not have to be afraid
I will show you the way
All you have to do is obey.

When they came to Jordan’s shore
God stopped the water once more
Like he did at the Red Sea
When they escaped from slavery.

God held the water back
With His mighty hand
Until the last man
Had crossed the Jordan on dry land.

They came to a city called Jericho
Surrounded by a wall
That was very, very tall.

Where Joshua met a man
Who said I am the captain
Of the Lord’s army
I will give you the strategy
Whereby to win the victory.

God told them to march
For six days around the city
With the priests going before
Blowing the trumpet in one accord.

But on the seventh day
They circled the city seven times
On the seventh trip around
The priests blew the trumpets
long and loud
And all the people gave a shout.

Joshua yelled to the crowd
God has given us the city
No doubt
Then there was a cracking sound
And the walls of Jericho
That once invincible town
came rumbling, tumbling
Crashing down.

The children of Israel
Kept marching on
Thanking God
Singing a victory song.


God has not changed
He is the same today
He still does miracles
When we believe and pray.


[Joshua 6:1-27]



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