The Best Is Yet To Come


The Best Is Yet To Come
By Joanne Standfield

‘The best is yet to come’, I heard a preacher say.
I felt a fire burn within my heart,
as these words took root that day!
Expect the best and not the worse
and your faith will open the door,
for the many blessings of God
that He’s been wanting to pour.
To pour upon your life each and every day,
daily loading you with benefits,
as you’re walking in His way.
God blessed Job’s latter days more than his first,
Jesus gave the best wine last,
to quench the people’s thirst.
He doesn’t want us sick or weary
as we go about our Father’s work
but full of His glory and power,
shining out in this dark earth.
Sure there will be battles and trials on the way
but it won’t be able to touch you,
as in His presence and Word you stay.
Dwell in that secret place,
under the shadow of His wings,
becoming more like your beloved,
until that day, when He takes us home with him.




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