The Bloody Requirement


The Bloody Requirement
By Rita Broden

What price the cost of freedom?
It was death that paid the due
Someone worthy of all glory
Paid that price for me and you.

It might be hard to comprehend,
But He did so willingly
He knew it was the ONLY way
That we could be set free.

I speak to you of Jesus
It is HE Who paid that price
He walked that path to Calvary
His blood was shed as sacrifice.

God required that blood sacrifice
And Jesus willingly complied
His great love for you and I
Is WHY He shed His blood and died.

Because of His great sacrifice
Every soul can have salvation
It is available to ALL:
Every kindred, tongue, and nation.

Jesus IS the true Messiah
God DID raise Him from the dead
If you’ll just believe – confess this –
There’s brand new life for you ahead!

It is YOU who must decide
To choose Him or deny
I pray that you will choose Him
Please, do it soon! Before you die!




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