The Clock Is Winding Down


The Clock Is Winding Down
By Rita Broden

Last days are here! It’s evident!
Take note of what is taking place!
This question I now ask of you:
Are you a child of grace?

Have you accepted Jesus Christ
As Lord? As Savior? King?
Or, are you still out there wandering?
Doing your ‘own thing’?

He’s there and He is waiting
How He longs to hear you call!
He didn’t die for someone else
He died for one and ALL.

That means He died for YOU my friend
You’ve been always on His mind!
He paved the road to eternal life
Through Him that road you’ll find.

It’s not as hard as some folks make it
Just call out to Him, He’ll hear!
Jesus won’t reject you!
He wants to hold you dear!

He wants to be your shepherd
He wants to guide you home
He’ll always be beside you
You’ll never be alone.

He’ll change your scarlet garments
Into a robe of white
He’ll keep you from deception
He’ll keep you walking in the light.

Now’s the hour of salvation!
Confess that Jesus is God’s Lamb!
The only true atonement
Given to us by ‘I AM’.




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