The Comic


The Comic
By Rita Broden

If Pastors were meant to be comics
They’d have, not a pulpit, but stage
With an audience, not congregation,
Yet, tickling ears now, their tongues they engage.

Pastors! Do you not yet understand?
The sheep of Christ’s fold need God’s Word
Let them hear humor from somebody else
They count upon you as their shepherd!

What about foolish talking and jesting?
We are warned: from these things stay away
Yet concessions are made, week after week
And humor, once more, has its way.

This battle we’re fighting is serious
There’s no time for your jokes – let them go
If Jesus used humor I might understand
But He didn’t, because it wasn’t a ‘show’.

Jesus knew just how sober this battle
He knew just how real it is
Without humor, during His walk here among us,
He taught us just how to be His.

If you’d just drop the humor and comic relief
You might be surprised what you’d find
Numbers may drop, yet those who remain
Would be faithful – body, heart, soul, and mind.

Please consider your accountability
It’s higher than the ‘Average Christian Joe’
I’m concerned for you; that’s why I’m writing
Again, please drop the jokes! Let them go!




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