The Creation Story


The Creation Story
By W A Zamorano

In the beginning God created
the heaven and the earth,
but it didn’t look like our world,
it was dark,
and not a sound was heard.

Then God made light
and called the light, Day,
and the darkness, Night.

And on the second,
He made the sky
and called it heaven.

On the third,
He separated the water
that covered the earth,
so the land one could see,
with many pretty trees.

On the fourth
He made the sun,
the moon and stars
in the east, west, south and north.

On the fifth
He made fish
and all that could swim
and geese and birds
and all that had wings.

On the sixth day,
He made all the animals
some are called mammals.

And God made man
He took dirt from the ground
formed him and breathed life into him
and the man began to walk around.

God saw that Adam was lonely
so He took a rib out of his side
and made Adam his wife,
as beautiful as she could be,
Her name was Eve.

Then God took a look,
and saw
that everything was very good.

So on the seventh day
God rested.
He called the day Sabbath.
It is a holy day.

Now God wants us to do the same.
We call it Sunday.
When people are not to work or play,
but rather go to church and pray.


[Genesis chapter 1]



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