The Difference


The Difference
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Thank you Mum for all you did,
for me when I was just a kid.
I always had the best to eat
and expensive shoes for my feet.
The clothes I wore were best in town
never any “hand me down”
We holidayed abroad each year,
I always had the latest gear.
Loads of books and games to play,
all I wanted every day,
It was a carefree life of fun,
doing what I liked till day was done.
You fed my body, my mind too,
but Mum one thing you did not do.
You did not feed this soul of mine,
perhaps you did not have the time.
In all the time we had to share,
we never, ever, shared a prayer.
There was no Bible for me to read,
and learn about my soul’s deep need.
Now the former things have passed away,
and in fear I face the judgement day.


Thank you Mum for all you did,
for me when I was just a kid.
For though we did not have a lot,
we were thankful for what we got,
you taught me how I should live,
that with little money we still could give.
Our meals were plain and often small,
sometimes you did not eat at all.
My clothes you made or were “hand me down”
we very rarely went to town.
But we were happy and content,
though for holidays we never went.
You gave me time and you gave me love,
and you taught me of my Lord above.
You read the Bible to me each day,
and together we would kneel and pray.
Though folk around said we were poor,
poverty never far from our door.
We were in fact the richest there,
for we had love and joy to share.
You taught me how to live aright,
so judgement day holds no fright.




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