The End Times


The End Times
By Tom D Blakely

(Inspired by Bob Dylan’s song: © ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’)


Come gather God’s children wherever you are.
And together praise God in this fast closing hour
As the remnant is scattered like wheat amidst tares. . .

Do not fear for Jesus is comin.

And the Lord of the harvest returns for His share. . .
For the times, they are near endin.


We must be proactive it’s time to take stock.
For souls are being lost at each tick of the clock
Makin use of our talent namin Christ in our talk. . .

While God tarries the Way is still open.

God gave us the gospel heaven’s key to unlock. . .
For the times, they are near endin.


Don’t look so bewildered you rich and you wise
For if you were so clever how come the surprise
As if all God’s creation were hid from your eyes. . . ?

This world was a theatre that’s closin.

It’s curtains for all who the Lord did despise. . .
For the times, they are near endin.




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