The Enemy’s Lies!


The Enemy’s Lies!
By Joanne Standfield

I remember times of torment,
when my mind was full of fear,
listening to the lies
Satan whispered in my ear.
I thought I had committed the unpardonable sin,
I thought there was no way out
of the darkness I was in!
I loved the Lord Jesus,
had made Him Lord of my life
but I knew little of our enemy,
the author of all strife.
All I wanted, was to serve my Saviour well
but the attacks against my mind
told me I was going to hell.
How I thank my Saviour,
for opening my eyes, giving me His truth
to dispel these vicious lies!
Satan’s attacks, we are told, are common to man
and this was one of his tactics,
one of his dire plans.
Once we know there’s no truth in it,
that by God’s grace we’ve been set free,
these lies will no longer entangle us
and we’ll walk in victory!




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