The Essence Of Life


The Essence Of Life
By Tom D Blakely

The cells spin like fairy lights flashing
But random, like, but unlike the starlight,
More irrational; a kaleidoscope of colour.
There are no wires; no visible source of energy.
A billion dizzy, dazzling, darting flames
Furiously flashing, unexpectedly appearing,
Here, there, everywhere, unpredictable impulses.

A bit scary really, because these are our thoughts.
Untouchable by hand, but more tangible than air.
Air is more comprehensible; natural, predictable,
Aeroplanes fly on it, kites, balloons . . .
Unlike these apparently lawless impulses
Zigzagging thought waves.
A myriad of illusive stepping stones,
Pulsating miniature flashes of energy
Flung into ordered chaos and changing by the millisecond
Reflecting every circumstance and thought of the mind;
Yet, perhaps not as random as appearance might suggest?
Are they not, a miracle of genius and the essence of life?

The heart and mind of the body; controller of motion and emotion,
And not limited to running itself, it affects others too.
What a natural wonder! The inspiration for an inventor,
The art in an artist, the thoughts of a philosopher;
Working in the conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind.
A miracle of genius and the essence of life.

These pulses of energy have no bounds; no bounds at all.
But the natural senses rise up to the supernatural,
With love for our creator, or hate, or ignorance . . . and in return
Should we expect love from our Creator, or hate, or ignorance?
If not love, perhaps our Creator made a mistake creating us?
Being superior to his special creation, this would seem unthinkable.
Realising how fantastic we are; what can the Creator not do?

Eventually our mortal flesh decays.
Is it lights out forever? God knows.
With our extraordinary abilities: a miracle of His genius
Our Creator has shared this knowledge of ‘forever’ with us.
This knowledge requires our brain cells, but something else too;
Our thoughts to reach outside ourselves, and meet Him.
It would be good if everyone could understand the essence of life.
It would be even better if they acted on it. God knows it’s true.
If He didn’t love us, He might laugh at our pitiful understanding of life.
If He didn’t love us, He would despair of our arrogance in such ignorance.
If He didn’t love us, we would be destroyed.

The essence of life is to love our Creator and enjoy Him forever.
Our selfish independence has spoilt that hope.
A strain on the brain, but could the injured party have made reparation?
Paid the price for our estrangement in His own blood?
Does God realise how difficult this is to believe with conventional wisdom?
And the pride issue, which is a problem to us, but obviously not to Him?
But, of course . . . that is His leveller; all mankind is equal;
All are equally unworthy and undeserving of heavenly rest.
All are equally worthy of banishment from God forever.
We are all wonderfully made and equal; but equally hopeless.

Spirit of God who moved in creation; move in us today.
Lead us to the cross of life, in Christ show us the way.
Penitent we kneel Lord; blood-rinse our sins away.
Please Lord; give us life outside ourselves, forever with You to stay.
For Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen.




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