The Fellowship Of His Suffering


The Fellowship Of His Suffering
By Souad Susu Majdoub

There are seasons to rejoice in
Moments to cherish every sound of laughter
Times we would look back on with a smile
No matter the number of years gone by
We will never forget the fellowship of His joy.

But let us pause to ask
If we say we’re up to the task
Might we rejoice even in the fellowship of His suffering?
Would we see beyond and experience the whole picture?
He is revealed through our suffering
Our lives to Him, let us give as the offering.

Beneath the roses the thorns are revealed
Beware of conceit, for pride it conceals
Find rest in the joy, when it comes
With peace in our midst, these songs we hum.

There is beauty too in the fellowship of His suffering
For it conforms us to the image of His Son
We were beforehand chosen
To perfection thus molded.

To feel a perfect God
We need go through the fire
That out of the mire
Will He transfer our desire
That we may know Him in all seasons
That we may cherish Him for His amazing grace.




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