The Gift


The Gift
By Cinda M Carter

Let us receive God’s gift to us…
With a grateful heart through trust.
When Jesus was sent to redeem those,
Who desire with all their hearts to know.

To know God’s Son through His love…
The mercy He has given us directly from the Heavenly Father above.
May we remember that God sacrificed the One.
He sent to us to take our place through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

He was sent as an atonement for our sins through Jesus Christ own blood…
He dwelt among us, to finish the work He had begun.
Jesus is pure of heart, the only one who could possibly take our place.
While dying on the cross who knew what it would take?

It took an obedient heart…
One who chose to give His life from the start.
A life that was without sin, one who is pure and holy.
God gave us “the gift” of His Son, may He receive all glory.




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