The Mystery of Redemption


The Mystery of Redemption
 By W A Zamorano

When God made Adam and Eve
and put them in the Garden
they had no need of a pardon.
Their hearts were innocent
and their blood was pure.
With the Master they daily talked.
In obedience to Him they walked.

Until one day they listened to a lie,
“You shall not surely die,”
the serpent said,
“you shall be like gods instead.”
Adam and Eve ate the fruit
of the tree that was forbidden
and they could not stay hidden.

Through an act of disobedience
sin entered the human race
and men fell from Grace.
An innocent lamb had to be slain
to temporarily cover the stain.

Before the world began
God had already devised a plan
to redeem man from damnation
and to grant him His salvation.
“Without the shedding of blood
there is no forgiveness of sin.”
It is the only way the victory to win.

In the fullness of time God sent His Son,
born of a virgin an obedient one.
Jesus was the only one who qualified,
when on that rugged cross He died.
He shed His sinless blood for you and me.
This is the Mystery:
that if we confess our sin and ask Him in
our blood is washed and we are pure again.

Forever grateful I will be,
for His Salvation so rich and free.
Jesus had to submit to a cruel death on a tree.
He had to go through agony.

Just like a seed planted into the ground
has to die, to bring forth fruit and multiply.
So Jesus Christ through His sacrifice
has brought many Sons to Glory.
Listen to the rest of the story:
The final harvest has begun.
The fields are ripe,
many souls must yet be won!

There is power in the blood of Jesus.
From our sin and iniquity He frees us.
We can receive healing by the stripes He bore
and He has promised even more:
When we confess the Word and have faith to believe
everything it promises us, we may receive.
The Word of God is true,
it is up to me and you
to become one of His chosen few.




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