The Real Night Before Christmas


The Real Night Before Christmas
By Rita Broden

‘Twas the night before Christmas, Joseph and Mary were tired
They’d travelled quite far to be taxed
With no room at the Inn, to the stable they went
(Mary could now be a bit more relaxed).

The stable they went to in Bethlehem town
Wasn’t equipped with a bed
With Mary about to give birth to the Lord
Joseph fluffed up some hay for her head.

The birth pains had started! Soon Christ would be born!
God sent an angel to herald the birth
A shepherd looked up to see the angel above
‘Glad tidings!’ he said, ‘Peace on earth!’

‘Unto you born this day, in the city of David,
Is a Savior, Christ the Lord!’
From that day to this, no other name
Has ever been quite so adored!

So remember this Christmas what it’s really about:
The birth of the One born to die
Sit back and reflect on just what Christmas means,
And remember to praise God Most High.




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