The Secret Place


The Secret Place
By W A Zamorano

Here in the secret place
Is where I like to be
Here I feel safe
I am free to be me.

Here in Your presence
Is where I want to stay
both night and day
Forever and always.

Here I want to abide
Both day and night
In Your shadow hide
Close to your side.

Here in Your arms
My soul is at rest
I am safe from all harm
O Lord, I am blessed.

I forget my aches and pain
Fear and anxiety cannot remain
My spirit sings a new song
Instead of weak I am strong.

O Lord, this is what I pray
Please hasten the day
When we are seated together
Forever and ever and ever.

Until that blessed day is here
I will not waste any tears
I will continue to run my race
I bring the sacrifice of praise.




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