The Sin Gun


The Sin Gun
By Tom D Blakely

A shower of water every day will make a body clean.
But only on the outside if you follow what I mean. . .

If only there was something else; we could do with it these days?
A sin gun for zapping criminals, to make them mend their ways.

Imagine a new society with no murder, theft and greed.
World peace and no more poverty is what we really need.

The concept was put out to tender; the contract for a gun
That would clean up our society of all who would do wrong.

But the greed of competition sadly could not be hid
As all prospective contractors fought to get the bid.

Starting with big business and ending with world powers
Everybody wanted the ‘Sin Gun’ first; the debate lasted for hours.

Everyone wanted to use it, but naturally on someone else
Thinking they were right, others weren’t and needed zapped at once.

Just before a global war, an agreement was thrashed out:
‘The world’s not ready for this gun, there’s too much sin about.’

As I stepped out into my day, showered and looking clean
I praised the One who makes us clean inside, if you follow what I mean.




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