The Stone


The Stone
By Lucia K Haase

They came to see
where Jesus lay,
but the stone
was rolled away!

Two men appeared
in robes, instead-
saying, “Remember now
what Jesus said!”

The women thought
of what they heard,
and made their plans
to spread His word!…

They said, “The stone
was rolled away!
The Lord has risen –
rejoice this day!”

To the disciples,
Christ appeared…
“Why do you doubt,”
he said, “or fear?”

Then later on,
before all brethren,
they saw Him rise
up into Heaven!…

and knowing this,
we witness, too!
The ancient day,
again is new!…

so do not fear,
and do not doubt!-
renew His name,
and shout it out!

Believe – proclaim!
The truth is known!…
or you will be left,
as the stone.




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