The Tabernacle


The Tabernacle
By Tom D Blakely

I saw white cloth and posts of brass
That stretched for yards and did enclose,
The holy tent of Israel
Where God, with men on earth did dwell.

The entrance way was coloured bright
With blues and purples, scarlets, white.
And as I bowed to enter in,
I met an altar for my sin.

The brasen altar blocked my path
There was no other way to pass,
Just like the blood of sacrifice,
Where my Lord Jesus paid the price.

And after this I looked to see
The laver Christ prepared for me,
For by the washing in His word
I daily cleansed myself for God.

Into the holy place I go
My Saviour’s blood permits me to,
And at the golden table meet
With other saints at Jesus’ feet.

The lampstand on my left burns bright
A symbol of the church’s light,
The central stem, as Christ the Lord
The branches us, in one accord.

Then to the incense altar next
Which represents the prayer of saints,
An altar touched with Jesus’ blood
Without the blood, it is no good.

And then the awesome veil I face
That guards the tent’s most Holy place,
But look! Is this a split I see
An entrance made at Calvary?

I entered through the parted veil
And at the golden ark did kneel,
Inside the ancient ark I saw
The tablets of the broken law.

To break the law is counted sin
I thanked the Lord I was forgiven,
The ark was covered by a lid
As from God’s view, my sin is hid.

The lid was called the mercy seat
And was where Christ and I did meet.
Lord keep me on this holy ground
Where peace and mercy does abound!


The tabernacle of the Old Testament Covenant of law;
and picture of the New Covenant in Christ.
[Exodus chs 35-40, Hebrews ch 8]



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