The Tent Meeting


The Tent Meeting
By Marie C Neubauer

It was an old fashioned tent meeting
The preaching was straight from the book
He was reading the last book of the Bible
And said we should all take a look!

Jesus praised just a few of His churches
And a sober warning to some he’d impart
Repent of your sins and overcome,
Change the lukewarm condition of your heart!

That was just the start of his message
And I sat there amazed and transfixed
As he spoke of the judgments to follow
And the things that each chapter depicts!

He said the day was going to come
When no man could buy or sell
Without a mark in his forehead or hand
Those who take it would suffer hell!

He said there would be a counterfeit church
Revelation 17 and 18 call her a whore
This future church will be one with the State
The love of Jesus this group will ignore!

That meeting was many years ago
The message as powerful today as then
When Jesus got hold of a sinner’s heart
And I was gloriously ‘born again’!


‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.’
[John 8:32]



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