The Three Hebrew Children


The Three Hebrew Children
By W A Zamorano

A long, long time ago
in a town called Babylon
There ruled a great king
Nebuchadnezzar was His Name
Who wanted to obtain great fame
So he built a huge statue
That looked just like him.

And gave the command
When they heard the music play
All the people in the land
Had to bow down and pray.

And worship the statue made of gold
As they had been told
But if anyone refused to bow
And did not make a vow
They were to be thrown alive
Into a furnace burning bright.

Now in the courts of the king
Served three young Hebrew men
Who loved God with all their heart
And from their faith did not depart.

When some of the people saw
That Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Did not do what they had been told
To bow and worship the image of gold.

They went and told the king
So they stoked the flames real good
And bound them hand and foot
And turned the furnace even higher
And threw them into the raging fire.

But they were in for a big surprise
They couldn’t believe their eyes
The three men did not die
They were alive.

And there was a fourth man
Who looked like the Son of God
Dancing together with the three
O what a glorious sight to see.

It was none other
Than Jesus Christ the Lord
Who had come aboard
The king was filled with awe
And marveled at what he saw.

He called them to come forth
The three men looked like before
The clothe they wore
did not even smell like smoke
The flames only burned the rope.

The King made a declaration
And blessed the God of Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abednego
And he made a decree
Anyone who would hurt the Hebrew boys
would be destroyed.

[Daniel 3]



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