The Three Nails


The Three Nails
By Frederick Blanchard

Crafted by generations of sin committed
Each nail contains the impurities of mankind
Their sharpened end is formed by greed and hatred
These three nails were purposely designed.

One in His left hand, for our distant past
One in His right, reaching into our tomorrows
One in our present time, as we kneel at His feet
One, two, and three were driven into the Man of Sorrows.

His dripping blood sealed our pardon from death
Granting satisfaction to those seeking forgiveness
Fulfilling the promise of our Father in heaven
Bestowing on us mercy as He frees us from the Abyss.

The emptiness of our lives are filled to overflowing
By the purity of our Savior’s love and His sacrifice
As we come before Him in humbleness in worship
In reverence of Christ our Lord, we prayerfully rejoice.




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