The Time Is Short


The Time Is Short
By W A Zamorano

I am the Lord, your God, I change not
I am the same as when I came
As when I left my heavenly domain.

When I said It is finished
On the cross of Calvary
My power did not diminish
It is the same for all eternity.

Man did not nail me to that tree
It was settled long in advance
It was my destiny
To give man another chance.

I have given man the choice
To obey my voice
Throughout centuries past
Freely their own lot to cast.

Get ready for the trumpet blast
it is time to glean the harvest field
And gather every nation’s yield
One last time revival will come.

Sweeping from nation to nation
All around the globe
They will hear the Good News
Of my Salvation.

The promise I made to Abraham
Concerning his seed
That it would be
As plentiful as the sand by the sea.

Is fast becoming reality
One promise continues to remain
Until that great and fearful Day
All who call upon my Name.

Will never ever be the same
They are destined to reign
Together with me
In my heavenly domain.




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