The Violin


The Violin
By Christine Hare Tate

An old broken violin he found along the way,
missing strings, out of tune, and not fit to play.
He picked it up gently and gave it loving care,
Tho it appeared useless, he started the repair.
He provided strings, a bow and polished wood too…
Outwardly it glistened and looked brand new.
However, he was looking for a special sound,
one with unique richness, not easily found.
It remained in the workshop for a long duration
as the master fine tuned it to his specification.
The violin remained sitting, day after day
hoping it would soon be commissioned to play.

Finally the master said the time was right,
the violin played in his orchestra that night.
It blended with the others in perfect harmony,
a delightful addition to the master’s symphony!
No one would imagine it was ready for the bin
to now behold the sound of this lovely violin…
The master keeps it under tight security,
and with tender care, fine tunes it regularly.
It performs only for the master’s pleasure,
His transformation from trash to treasure!

Everyone has potential in God’s sight. AMEN!




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