The Way Back To Paradise


The Way Back To Paradise
By W A Zamorano

Beloved let me tell you about
The most important day in history
When Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Took the wrath to redeem humanity

His passion began
In the garden of Gethsemane
Where He sweat great drops of blood
To lay down His will to drink our cup

When they pierced His hands and feet
As they nailed Him to that tree
He cried out in agony
My God, my God
Why hast thou forsaken me?

But Jesus knew
He had to finish what he came to do
In order to fulfill his own destiny
He had to destroy the work of the enemy

When Jesus cried with a loud voice
“It is finished”
The power of the devil over man’s soul
had been destroyed
Satan’s accusations been made void

The Blood that flowed down that tree
Has washed away sin and iniquity
It is the only remedy to set men free
From the power of the enemy

When Jesus breathed His last breath
he took the sting out of death
When they laid Him in the grave
He did not stay

He went down into the bowels of hell
And broke the curse’s spell
The sinless Blood of Jesus Christ
Has become a never ending well
Springing up into eternal life

To the devil’s great dismay
Christ rose again on the third day
God had made a new and living way
For all humanity to be saved

The blood that flowed from Calvary
Has gotten us the victory
it has set the captives free
And stripped Satan of his authority

Jesus took away the keys
Over death and the grave the victory
And opened the door for you and me
To choose our own destiny

What happened on that Easter Morn
Began when a little babe was born
lying in a manger
Destined to become our Savior
Through the cross He bore
God has opened up the door
Into Paradise once more.




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