The Worshippers


The Worshippers
By Souad Susu Majdoub

A steady calmness overshadows the threat of doom,
Gloomy and hopeless though it all seems,
The true worshippers never give up.
Hearts and minds are open to freely declare His glory
Unashamed of their weaknesses,
They all cry out in accord;
‘Father take over our prayers and direct them in accordance with Your will’.

The wind bashes against parched branches,
Oblivious to those present.
Something needed to be said!
Something had to be broken!

Voices stretched forth against principalities unseen,
Echoes crossed barriers to commit nations into His powerful will.
Individually they came to lay it all down at His feet.
They left the place of worship, not the same.
Victory shone from their eyes,
Declarations would soon become realities.

In the realms, the Word was activating and refreshing lives.
God knew the number of worshippers,
He had to be present for this Divine appointment.
In the stillness, He spoke.
They heeded,
They left stronger than ever.
For it is written:
Five of you shall chase a hundred
And a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.’
[Leviticus 26:8]


(Dedicated to the group that goes faithfully once a month
to the Hill to listen and receive from the Father.)



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