The Wristwatch


The Wristwatch
By Tom D Blakely

God challenged me concerning the wealth that I possess.
Maybe I should spare a thought for others who have less?

I thought God meant me giving up some things that I don’t need
as my mass accumulating appeared a bit like greed?


The Lord showed me a younger man who recently had been saved.
He lived each day to please the Lord in whom He had believed.

A new convert this young man was, who put His Saviour first;
Who lived more by faith than common sense but was spiritually blest.

The first lesson God had taught him was not about his giving.
Now as I remember it… it was more about withholding?

The man had a good salary and was very willing to give,
but God asked him for the thing that he most wanted to save?!!

For this young man’s father who had recently passed away
left nothing but a wristwatch which his son kept so lovingly.

So God told the young convert He did not want his cash,
but asked him for the wristwatch that meant to him so much.

Who would want this cheap old watch? He thought his watch secure…
Until a stranger accepted it… as if an answer to a prayer.


I remembered a rhyme that I once knew about the things we own:
‘Nothing truly belongs to us, but is simply held on loan.’

Lord how far I have slipped from You, since You took dad’s watch away.
Help me to let go of anything that might get in our way.




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