This Christmas


This Christmas
By June Stein

Heavenly Father,
This Christmas may I be, in heart, just like the lowly shepherds,
With wonder breaking in their lives in the stillness of the night,
Though many Christmases have passed, it’s still not something to be grasped…
A miracle only understood in the Holy Spirit’s light.

The hustle, bustle and the glitter seem to dull the brilliance of the Star,
Unless we make a point of seeking, like the Wise Men,
Amid the worldly view we see, we have to travel far,
To reach the quiet stable and find the Babe of Bethlehem.

Flood my heart and mind and soul with the Angel’s proclamation,
Of great joy that will come to all Your people,
Let me hear that to ‘me’ is born a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord,
And join the heavenly host, singing praise in acclamation…
“Glory to God in the highest!”
Praying, ever, for peace on earth…
That peace which passes understanding, brought to us in Jesus’ birth.

As I hasten to the manger, to bow before the newborn Savior,
May my worship of Him be purified in Thy Spirit,
Accept my humble adoration, Father, as I gaze upon Thy Son,
Knowing full well that, in Him, is all my merit.

The gift of self is all I have to lay before the manger,
As I kneel with the shepherds on that night,
My gift is only worthy through Thy Own Gift of The Savior,
Whose Life and Light will make the whole world bright!




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