Time With The Lord


Time With The Lord
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Thank you for the sunshine Lord,
which brightens up my day,
and for giving me the time Lord,
to talk with you each day.
For when my life was full Lord,
I found little time to pray.

Thank you for the birds Lord,
for their colour and their song,
They visit me each day Lord,
and sing the whole day long.
You know when life was full Lord,
I rarely heard their song.

Thank you for your presence Lord,
for I feel you very near,
You take away my loneliness,
and take away my fear.
But when my life was full Lord,
I did not always feel you near.

I don’t like being ill Lord,
yet now and then I see,
That it is because of illness
I have grown more close to Thee.
So if my life gets full again
Please Lord stay with me.

Don’t let me forget Lord,
whatever comes my way,
You want to share my life Lord
Yes You want to share each day.
However full my life may be,
Lord, may I make time to pray.




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