Timeless Glory


Timeless Glory
By Souad Susu Majdoub

Every new dawn ushers in a bright morning.
Each new day starts with rays of hope.
As I gaze upon God’s glorious sun,
I squint in marvellous wonder.
Unselfish rays stretch forth in timeless waves,
Touching and glazing old and new alike.
The words Timeless Glory come to my mind..

Wonder-woven radiant rays,
New hope, new day,
Fondly fulfilling.
Timeless glory.
No jolt of disappointment there,
No jab of worry.

Timeless glory of a sun that will shine at all costs,
Providing needed light, sheltering from stormy winds,
And most of all, carrying the promise of a life unhindered
By what the day or night might bring.

That is the smile of Jesus, the beloved Son.
This is the Father’s caring hand.
Why worry? Be happy today.
The sun is shining to bless you.
So have a good day.




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