To The Backslider


To The Backslider
By Rita Broden

So you’ve gone past the point of forgiveness?
I really don’t think so my friend
It’s the enemy that wants you to think there’s no hope
But with Jesus there’s hope to the end.

So you’ve sinned even though you knew better?
You’ve cussed though your words should be pure?
Your thoughts took on wild imaginings?
Your faith, once quite solid, isn’t sure?

If you ONLY had someone to talk to
Someone you KNOW you could trust
Someone who wouldn’t betray you
Someone who’s faithful and just.

Perhaps THEN you’d unload your burdens
That weight would be lifted from you
Just knowing that someone else DOES understand
And knows all the pain you’ve gone through.

My friend you may not want to hear this
(as I’m quite sure you’ve heard it before)
But it’s Jesus and Jesus ALONE you can trust
He’s there friend! Just open the door!

He saw all the sins you committed
He heard all the words that you spoke
He desires to take all your burdens
It’s Jesus you need! Take His yoke!

He never once left you! He’s been there through it all
Loving you in spite of your ways!
With arms open wide He’ll welcome you back!
So come back friend! Don’t waste precious days!

Don’t let your yesterdays haunt you
In this moment new life can begin
Jesus is longing to welcome you back
He CAN and WILL pardon your sin!




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