Unseen But True!


Unseen But True!
June Stein

The Glory of The Lord will be revealed,
This we know is sure,
We’ll behold the Lord with our own eyes,
See Him bright and pure,
No more unseen, to know by faith alone,
He will take us home!
Graves emptied, and the lost will stand forlorn.

We’ll see our long lost loved ones once again,
Who are with the Lord,
Oh, the joy of being reunited,
Promised in God’s Word.
No sin or sickness will mar life with Christ,
Sun or moon won’t shine,
Because, forever, He will be our Light.

All praise and glory evermore to Christ,
Angels sing His song!
We will join our voices as we praise Him,
To Him we belong,
Faith let us believe what we could not see…
Blessings beyond thought,
We’ll live with Him through all eternity!

The fruit of Christ’s salvation fully wrought!




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  1. Joanne Standfield says:

    Such a beautiful poem to read at the close of the day ….. what a glorious hope we have! I hope all is well with you and yours dear June,
    Love and God bless, Jo

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