US Thanksgiving US


US Thanksgiving US
By Rita Broden

The car-a-mels have just been made
They’re cooling down just now
I’ll make them into turtles next
And then I’ll take a bow.

Quickly eaten they will be
With no thought how they’re made
They’ll shove one in their mouth, they will –
And then another, I’m afraid.

And soon the turtles will be gone
(Their creation takes a WHILE!)
But seeing them so much enjoyed
Gives me a little smile.

I understand a bit more now
How I must make God feel
And did it with such zeal.

For me to take for granted
Each and every thing He made
Without one time considering
His time and love displayed.

Shameful do I find myself
Oh, Lord! Forgive me please!
You, Lord, are deserving
Of my time upon my knees.

Every piece of grass that springs
Insects, animals, and mankind
Every thing we look upon
Was birthed in Your creative mind.

I wonder, though, if You, perhaps,
Smile when You see
Your creation enjoying what You’ve made
Even if no thought is given Thee?

I know You hear the words we speak
‘Such a beautiful sunset!  See?!’
But do You, Lord, then count that
As praise given unto Thee??

I find I am delighted
When my efforts have been praised
Even when those giving praises
Don’t know it’s my works that they’ve raised.

So, Lord, am I hoping YOU
Delight in hearing oooooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s
I hope that You’ll accept that
As a form of ‘Praise applause’.




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