Warriors Of The Lord


Warriors Of The Lord
By Christine Hare Tate

God’s saints are everywhere,
North, south, east and west…
The warriors of the Lord
In battle armor dressed.

They are in fiery combat,
Purged, tested and tried
In the army of the Lord,
Where self-will is denied.

Their weapons aren’t carnal
But mighty in the Lord
For tearing down strongholds
With God’s two-edged sword!

Commissioned by the Lord
With complete authority,
They war against the world,
Flesh and the evil enemy.

They fight the good fight
Determined they will win,
And have the victory
Over darkness and sin!

They’re recruited for life
Till the last battle cry,
When they’ll reap their reward
From the Father on High!


Fight on warriors, we’re in this together! Praise the Lord!



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