Weakly Getting Stronger


Weakly Getting Stronger
By Rita Broden

My human eyes are failing
I need glasses now to see
But my spiritual sight grows clearer
Each new day You give to me.

My human ears don’t quite pick up
The sounds they did before
But my spiritual ears are hearing things
They’ve never heard before.

My human mind gets cluttered
From the stuff from everywhere
But when I put on the mind of Christ
I find peace and comfort there.

As my human legs start buckling-
When they rebel to carry me-
I find that resting in Your palm
Is the ONLY place to be.

Lord, You are now my eyes, my ears
My mind, my resting place
I thank You for Your steadfast love
I thank You for Your grace.

I thank You for the care You give
Even when I’m not aware
Please forgive me for my oversights
I’m truly grateful that You’re there.

How can my human words convey
Just what You mean to me?
They can’t! It’s plain and simple!
Just as simple as can be!

To love my fellow humans
Is what You’ve asked of me
And within that action
My love will speak to Thee!




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