Where Is The Christ In Christmas?


Where Is The Christ In Christmas?
By W A Zamorano

O what mockery
O what shame
All that is left of Christmas
Is a part of His Name

When I look at Santa
Dressed in the color red
It is reminding me
Of the crimson stain
when the Lamb of God was slain
For our sins He bled

Christmas is about the baby Jesus
God himself becoming one of us
To die on a cross
To set us free from sin and diseases

My heart is moved with gratitude
My mouth is filled with praise
Lord, you already knew
The cruelty you were going to face

You willingly took our place
Looking beyond Calvary
To the Joy that you would receive
From the praise of all who believe

O Lord, some have erased
the word Christ from Christmas
And put an X instead
The meaning of this Holy Day
They want us to forget

When I think about your great Mercy
And your amazing Grace
That came down on Christmas Day
As a little babe
Opening up the way
For sinful man to be saved
O Lord I stand amazed

You brought God and man
Face to face
In a stable in Bethlehem
A most humble place

Let us kneel before the manger
And adore Jesus Christ our Savior
Let us rejoice and celebrate
And find Peace of mind
Joy unspeakable and amazing Grace
In the Father’s sweet embrace.




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