Which Tree Will It Be?


Which Tree Will It Be?
By W A Zamorano

Do you see that Christmas tree
Decorated so lovingly
Topped with a star shining bright
What does that have to do with Christ?

Oh, wait, what is this, that I see
Among the many gifts
Back there, hidden under the tree
It is a manger with the babe asleep
Placed there for tradition to keep

Forgotten is the babe in the manger
Forgotten is that cruel tree
On a lonely hill called Calvary
Where the Lamb of God
Was slain for you and me

Covered with his sinless blood
From His head down to his feet
A crimson river flowed
Forgiveness for our sin bestowed

O what amazing Grace
O what endless Love
The Father has sent down from above
When He gave His only Son
To be nailed to a cruel cross
To save a world that is utterly lost

Christmas is not just a tradition
It is the celebration
Of the gift of the Joy of Salvation
Raining down on every nation

It is the place of your decision
Which tree will you adore
Will it be the lifeless Christmas tree
Or is it the cross – the Tree of Life
You will kneel before?




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