Whose Birthday Is It?


Whose Birthday Is It?
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Everyone is in party mood,
there is lots of drink and lots of food.
People shopping till they drop
the shops sold out, they bought the lot.
Not just food but presents too,
giving is the thing to do.
Like every birthday, there is a cake,
full of fruit, took hours to bake.
No candles on the cake today,
but around the house a bright display.
Coloured lights on a tree,
have they done this all for me?
Some of the cards bare my name,
hanging round the room, like a paper chain.
The wine is flowing, celebrations start
It is My birthday, but it breaks my heart.
For though My name is on cards I see,
at My birthday, there IS NO ROOM FOR ME!
Though they say they celebrate My birth,
once more there is NO ROOM on earth.
I look at my cards, but where am I
again I wonder, why oh why?
My name is there for all to see,
yet they celebrate with no thought for me.
And so I ask again today




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