You’re Not Alone


You’re Not Alone
By W A Zamorano

You are not alone!
When Jesus ascended to His Throne,
He sent someone in His stead,
who will remind us,
of all He ever said.

He is your Comforter.
He is your Friend.
He is your Helper.
He will be with you until the end.
He wants to be your guide
and lead you
in the way that’s right.

When you don’t know how to pray
let Him have His way.
With groaning deep within
deliverance He’ll bring.

He helps our infirmities.
He knows what we need
and according to God’s will
He will intercede.

He comes with His fire
to purify our heart.
He sanctifies our desire
and sets us apart.

When He comes in,
He brings His gifts with Him,
so we can walk in power
in this final hour.

He teaches us to worship
in Spirit and in Truth
He helps us to magnify
and glorify the Name of Jesus
in everything we do.

He is the third person
of the Trinity
Holy Spirit is His Name
in our hearts He will remain.

Remember, you are not alone,
No, never alone, never alone!




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