A Little Seed


A Little Seed
By Rita Broden

It starts out as a little seed
Nurtured, it will grow
Good or bad is up to us
We can’t deny it’s so.

A little seed called ‘hatred’
Can start in many ways
Jealousy; perhaps some greed;
Troubled thoughts on which we gaze.

To sit and ponder on those things
Feeds hatred to the core
STILL not fully sated
Hatred begs for even more.

Then when hatred’s satisfied
It lets loose its decree
From hurtful words to fighting fists;
Sometimes a killing spree.

But a seed of love, when nurtured,
Keeps hatred on the run
There isn’t room for hateful thoughts
When submitted to God’s Son.

We forgive and don’t hold grudges;
We are kind; our thoughts are pure
There’s no room for hatred in us
For love IS hatred’s cure.

So let love blossom in you
Let it flow to everyone
Freely give that love away
And glorify God’s Son!




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